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About Me
I am blessed to have grown up just outside Glasgow with an amazingly spiritual family, an array of animals from fish, gerbils, cats, dogs and horses and wonderfull friends.
I spent most of my early years upside down doing gymnastics which led to my first coaching qualifications at the age of 13. I competed until I was 20 gaining qualifications in pre-school gymnastics (club coach), general gymnastics and acrobatics (high performance coach).
In '94 when I left school I began a business as a make up artist which led me to undertake a 3 year course in Beauty and Complementary Therapy. I was during this time when I was studying Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Swedish Massage that I became aware of 'energy movement'.  
In '97 I opened a beauty/alternative therapy business in Glasgow's West End. Whilst working here I began working with Angels and Crystals. I learned the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels of Integrated Energy Therapy (healing with the energy of angels) and began doing animal healing, kids angel workshops and healing angels workshops.
I decided to connect my holistic work with body movement (a good way to keep me fit as I was coaching full time between a women's artistic gym club, acrobatics club, council yoga classes and Glasgow University gymnastics team). I began teaching 'Chiball method at the end of '99 which is a combination of yoga, tai-chi, pilates, feldenkrais, meditation, traditional chinese medicine, colour therapy and relaxation. I taught classes in the West End of Glasgow, Bishopbriggs, Kirkintiloch, Airdrie, Moodiesburn and Falkirk.
I married in 2001, our 1st son (Jack) was born in 2001, followed quickly by son number 2 (Dillon) a year and two weeks later. It was at this time that I decided to give the beauty salon to my friend Pauline and left my gymnastics club. We moved from the West End to Cumbernauld.
In 2004, wanting to take my Angelic Energy therapy further, I travelled to Dublin to do my Masters course - two weeks later I found out that I was pregnant again. LOL.
In the same year I began and completed a Teacher Training Course in Hatha Yoga whilst my 3rd little boy (Kai) was cooking inside! From here I became a "Yoga Bugs" and "Yoga'd Up" teacher bringing yoga to kids aged 3 - 12.
Wow - im getting exhausted writing this, LOL.
By this time I had begun working in Dunblane at the Dunblane Centre teaching chi ball, yoga, pilates and kids yoga. I was also teaching Integrated Energy Therapy courses with my sister Maria in Scotland as well as Ireland.
In 2006 our family moved out to Bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire where we've been busy having 3 more children (Finn, Sé and Tiana) not forgetting or little angel who didn't make it to the physical (she is very much part of our clan).
Although being very busy with my 5 boys & little princess Tiana I have continued teaching yoga, pilates and Integrated Energy Therapy....oh and also being Head Coach of the Hillfoots Gymnastics Club too.
In October last year - 10.10.2010. - I completed my beginner practitioner Angelic Reiki course and then began 2011 with the Master Practitioner Angelic Reiki 3 day course.
                These truly magical years have transformed my life beyond all expectations
                                                                                                        - I am truly blessed.  

Central Scotland
                                                      United Kingdom
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