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                       Angelic & Energy Healing
Angelic Reiki, is a complete system of healing and consciousness expansion which offers profound healing with Angels, Ascended Masters and Galactic Healers.  Angelic Reiki is also a powerful means of personal development, transformation and Ascension. Angelic Reiki is the healing for our time.  
The following  courses are available....
Angelic Reiki Level 1 & 2 (beginner to practitioner) Fri evening, Sat & Sun 10am-4pm cost £252
Angelic Reiki level 3 & 4 (practitioner to master Teacher) Fri evening, Sat & Sun 10am-5.30 . cost £450
Angelic Reiki Treatments - Central Scotland. £30
Angelic Reiki remote treatments - (sent anywhere on planet) £9 (simply pay through online shop & I'll get in touch to arrange a suitable time)  
(get in touch to book on course or for healing session!)
             See course & workshop dates page !
          e-mail angelicreiki@siobhanhencher.com                                                           
                           Master Teacher of Integrated Energy Therapy
In the tradition of Caroline Myss's "Energy Anatomy" Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) is one of the next generation - hands on- power energy systems that gets the "issues out of your tissues" for good!
Our IET training courses are each powerful days of self-healing & Energy Therapy certification training.  In each class you will be attuned to a powerful Angelic Ray that activates your 12-strand spiritual DNA.  You will then learn to heartlink to the energy of your Angels & use their energy for healing.
Integrated Energy Therapy level 1 (1 day) £108
Integrated Energy Therapy level 2 (1 day) £126
Integrated Energy Therapy level 3 (1 day) £144
All 3 days booked together, £315 save £63
Integrated Energy Therapy Treatments - Central Scotland £30
Integrated Energy Therapy remote session - anywhere - £9
Following group talks available..
Process 1 - Heartlink with your Angels
Process 2 - 12 Strand DNA Activation
Process 3 - The IET Karma Clearing Process
Process 4 - The IET Forgiveness Process
Please contact me for any info you require! S. x
 Mob  07747800801 email -energytherapy@siobhanhencher.com
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
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Healing with the Angels
Healing with the Angels. Relax... Breath in the Angelic Healing Energies.
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